Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bialetti Mukka Express

Cruising YouTube can be very dangerous for me. I forget what I was looking at but somehow I came across a video for this cappuccino maker. What came next? EBay, of course! I placed a bid on three of them! I actually won one and it's in the mail as we speak.

Ummm, why did I buy this? I've had less than 10 cups of coffee in the past year! It just looked so good that I couldn't help myself. My mom always said that I have no sales resistance. Isn't that the truth? Anyone have a bridge for sale?

January 10, 2009
I must tell you that I wasn't totally sold on the Bialetti Mukka Express before today. I have a super-wazoo Breville Cafe Roma that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago that makes excellent cappuccino. I'm not sure why I had to have the Mukka except that I was so curious after watching the YouTube videos. I wouldn't have bought the Mukka if I had to pay full price but I got it for such a great price on eBay that I had a hard time passing it up. If you want my honest opinion, if you want a good cup of cappuccino and not spend $300 on an espresso machine, you can get these two products (I've had both of these!) at a much better price and be just as happy: the Bodum Frother and a regular stove top espresso pot. You just don't get the "cool factor" that the Mukka has! I loved my Bodum frother until I broke the glass carafe. I bought it at Ross for less than $10.00 but haven't seen one there again. You can find the espresso pots at Ross as well for around $10-15.

The instructions for the Mukka said that the pot works better the more you use it and it was right! I made 4 pots of cappuccino today and they all turned out fabulous! I think it was better today because I was using whole milk instead of 2% so my milk was so rich and frothy. Just make sure you run water through the top of the pot right after you make coffee or else it'll be a bit harder to clean. Also, don't try to unscrew the bottom of the pot without removing the pressure valve on the top...you'll hurt yourself trying to unscrew it. It won't loosen if there's still pressure in the bottom.

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Mariella said...

Thanks! Now I want one :)
Well my birthday is next week.....