Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new glass tea kettle

Did I need another kettle? No. Why then did I feel compelled to buy this one? I just loved the idea that I could watch the five stages of tea water that Angela at Tea With Friends blogged about. In fact, this is the same kettle she uses. You can't beat the price at $9.95 from KMart. Also, I have made my masala chai in this kettle and it works very well. I made my chai for some friends last week in my usual saucepan on the stove but, as usual, when I pour it into cups, I lose about 1/3 down the drain. Now, I can pour out the chai very neatly and not lose a drop. I just remove the whistling lid while brewing the tea (before adding milk) so that it reduces a bit. It's easy to clean, too. Perfect!

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