Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first sock bun!

What do you do when you can't sleep? I watch videos on YouTube. It was 4:30 a.m. and I found videos on styling long hair. One of them mentioned a "sock bun" and since I'm the curious type, I just had to do more research and, finally, make my own! What is a "sock bun"? It is a form over which you make a bun-type hairstyle and it's made from...wait for it...socks! Mine was made with two of my husband's discarded tube socks (I keep them in a basket by my sewing machine with other discarded clothing) and two new jet black knee high stockings. I used two socks because I wanted my bun form to be large and firm. What you do is cut the toes off of the socks and stockings, put one tube sock inside the other and roll them down to form a donut shape. Put one of the knee highs with the elasticized top through the center of the donut and roll the knee high around the donut. Do the exact same thing with the second knee high to make the donut more opaque and completely cover the whiteness of the tube sock. If you have blonde hair, you'd probably use a nude colored sock instead of black. This is so that if my hair doesn't completely cover the donut, it won't be so obvious. I've read that if you don't cover your sock with a piece of stocking, your hair will get really tangled. I didn't want to find out first-hand!

I know my first sock bun is kinda messy but my second one was much better. I now know that this type of bun is very popular with ladies in the military and performance artists like figure skaters and dancers. I can see myself wearing my hair like this a lot.

Here are a couple of the videos that got me started:

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Steph said...

My niece Ashley taught us how to do that. We just use plain ole white socks,but then again we have light colored hair.