Monday, July 18, 2005

Africa Hot???

Whoever said that Africa is hot has obviously never been to Las Vegas in the summer. I was complaining to Bernie on Saturday that it was so frickin' hot that I couldn't stand it. I had to take Chris to soccer sign-ups, which just happened to be on the other side of town, and it was 119 degrees before noon! Bernie, who HAS to work in ungodly heat as a Las Vegas firefighter, came home from work and proceeded to clean the garage - from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. in this HEAT...oh yeah, but it's a DRY HEAT! When we went to dinner at 5:30 p.m. it was still 118 degrees.

I was curious as to how hot it actually is in Africa so I asked Jeeves:

"Komatipoort in Mpumalanga is one of the consistently hottest places in South Africa with an average summer temperature of around 33°c and a lovely 26.5°c in winter."

Now, for those of us who don't deal with Celsius vs Fahrenheit, I had to convert these readings. The temperature in one of the hottest places in S. Africa is a mere 33 degrees Celsius or 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

This afternoon as I got into my car to drive to Starbucks, it was F**KINGHOTTERTHANAFRICAHOT at 121 degrees Fahrenheit or 49.4444 degrees Celsius. The weatherman on our local channel 8 evening news said they put a thermometer in a car and when checked some time later, it read 151 degrees F. And people are still leaving their kids (and pets) in their cars to die...Don't get me started on this mess! I could rant until I pass out.

To cool me down, let me share a picture of the plastic cup o'lusciousness I got at Starbucks.
It is their Matcha Green Tea Frapuccino. We, on the US mainland, are so behind what my Asian/Hawaiian friends have been enjoying since forever. I ask you, will our beloved Spam ever get the respect it deserves?

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