Friday, July 29, 2005

Project Storage - My Bread Buddy

I'm always on the lookout for clever project storage. One day I was looking for something to put my yarn in so that I could take my Clapotis outside by the pool and not worry about my yarn rolling away or getting wet. It just so happened that my son had eaten the last of the bread and my Bread Buddy was empty. Hmmmm...

Not only is it easy to carry but it held my yarn, my entire Clapotis (which was almost done), my needles and pattern sheets. It stayed upright next to my chair the entire time. Another cool way to use has four holes in the bottom for air circulation so what I could do is put my skein in the Bread Buddy, thread the yarn through one of the holes, put the lid back on and sit it on the floor on it's lid. This way my yarn will not roll around or get dirty (or chewed on by the dogs). Only bad thing is that if I do it this way, I'd have to have a bit of the yarn sticking out from the bottom back up to the top when I put my project away inside the container.

I found my Bread Buddy at Wal-Mart years ago...can't remember how much it cost though. I've seen them there recently.

Peace Out!

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