Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm felting, I'm felting! (to be screeched in the wicked witch's voice from the Wizard of Oz)

Just got this one out of the washer. It's been sitting unfinished for a couple of weeks (okay, 3 weeks!) because I was just too damn lazy to do the million miles of i-cord required. Thanks to the felted bag KAL group on Yahoo I got the suggestion to crochet the cord on a size P hook. The suggestion was actually to crochet it with 4 strands of yarn held together but since I didn't have two skeins to use and didn't want to re-wind what I had, I just used 2 strands and chained the length I wanted and then slip stitched back to the beginning. Et voila! C'est finis! So simple! I sure wish I'd tried that trick earlier when I was doing the felted bags like crazy! Since this one is for a friend, I was compelled to finish it before I see her again in a couple of weeks at bunco.

I've also been busy beading again. I've done scissor fobs, stitch markers and more earrings. In fact, Thursday night I was up at 11:30 p.m. making a pair of earrings to wear to work the next day. I just wanted to wear the new Swarovski crystals I just bought. Can you say, "ADDICTED"? It's my personality. I'm addicted to everything I try except for dieting. It's hard to stay focused on one thing for long...must be my ADHD.

Speaking of dieting...yes, I'm on another one. I'm trying to cut down on my carbs (though not drastically, just cutting down on the bad ones) and that includes my arch nemesis...COKE. I'm a Coke fiend! I can do without food, as long as I have my Coke. My favorite way to start the workday? A can of Coke and a cup of coffee simultaneously. I can't (won't) drink diet Coke. I am very sensitive to artificial sweeteners and get headaches and nausea after using them. I also get an aftertaste from them that I can't stand. So far I'm down 4 pounds and have many, many more to go! I'd actually like to lose 50 pounds by Christmas when I go "home" to Hawaii on vacation. I'd like to surprise my Mom, who is always on my back about my weight, especially since she was diagnosed with diabetes. Now that I'm 40, overweight and have 2 parents with diabetes, I know it's only a matter of time before it bites me in the ass. Wish me luck!

As of next week, I'll be the mother of a teenager! Argh! I knew it was coming but I tried not to think about it. Actually, I have considered him a teenager for over a year now. Hard not to when my 12 year old son is 5'10 and over 200 pounds! I feel like I need to carry his birth certificate with me when we go places where kids 12 and under are given discounts. I don't expect people to just take my word for it.

Guess where my big boy wants to have his birthday party? HOOTERS! Guess who thinks it's a fabulous idea? DAD! Big surprise there! I told him he can have 5 of his friends accompany us. Thank God my husband is coming though. I don't know what I'd do at Hooters with 6 pubescent boys. At least he'll keep them in line. I wonder if Dad is inviting any of his friends to join us. Haha. If it weren't his birthday, I'd rather stay home and knit! "Just bring me some wings, Hon!"

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