Monday, June 04, 2007

Another round ripple finished


The black and blue/green one is the original one I started when joining the ripple along. It is now done and I immediately started the black, green and purple one to fill that void. These were colors left over from the multicolored ripple that I just finished. I'm more comfortable with this choice of colors rather than the wacky colored one. These colors remind me of pansies.

The last afghan is one that Bernie has just completed. I'm so proud of his work! The edges are really straight but I didn't pull them out fully when I took the picture. He's working on the red/black one for Anthony again since we got the red yarn from a few days ago. Sophie just can't help herself! No matter what kind of blanket or afghan you put on the floor, she has to lie on top of it.


Pheelya said...

Everytime I see one of your blankets I just have the urge to go buy some more yarn! All three of them are gorgeous!

I have to ask, the nice big ripple on your bed - How much yarn does it take to do the last color round?? I think my fear of running out of a color in the middle of a color round is what stops my from running to the store *laugh*

Monet said...

OH they look wonderful :)

MikKnits said...

Pheelya, I can't tell you exactly how much yarn it used. When I started that afghan, I bought one skein of each color (Red Heart Super Saver or TLC) and because I only did two rounds of each color a couple of times, I don't believe I even used a whole skein of any one color. That's why I had enough to start the new one. I did have to buy more for the new one though. Thanks for the compliments!

Gail E said...

I love your round ripple afghans! Looking at them makes my fingers itch to go buy more yarn and start hooking!

You do such beautiful work~ thanks for sharing!

Now I have to go back to look at more of your work . . . and drool~