Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Bows!

Hawaii 49, UNLV 14

When I was growing up, the University of Hawaii athletic teams were called the Rainbow Warriors or Bows for short. A few years back,a decision was made to get rid of the word "Rainbow" because it wasn't good for their image. They'll always be the "Bows" to me. They're ranked #22 overall with the #1 offense in the nation, according to the commentators at tonight's game.

I took my boys and a couple of their friends to the game here in Las Vegas this evening. We had a blast sitting in our free seats on the UNLV side (courtesy of the visiting WAC officials) and met some other Hawaii fans. This older man sitting right in front of me was really ticked off because he bought 6 tickets from an online scalper for $600.00 because he was told the game was a sell-out and he wouldn't be able to find tickets anywhere else. He said this was the most expensive football game he'd ever been to. We really wished we could have sat with the other Hawaii fans but beggars can't be choosers. I was able to see my sister and her family during half time. She and her husband flew all the way from Hawaii to be here for the game (along with a few thousand other Hawaii fans), while her sons (in the picture on the right side with their girlfriends) drove up from San Diego.

Has anyone ever seen the haka dance performed by the UH football team? It's an awesome sight. It's so cool because not only the Polynesian players do it, everyone does it! We didn't see it tonight, don't know if they performed it after the game as we left at the start of the 4th quarter because the score was already 42-7 and we wanted to avoid traffic. I did hear, however, that they won't be doing it anymore. Too bad, if that's true. Here's a sample:

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