Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whipped these up yesterday

Okay, don't laugh when I tell you that all the time I spent making these could have been spent finishing that quilt. Some days though, it is so satisfying to finish a bunch of little things than one big thing. Anyone else agree? These, obviously, are the binder cover, checkbook covers and iPod covers that I said I wanted to make last post. I was smart this time and either made patterns or took measurements so that I can re-create them without too much trouble. The binder cover and checkbook cover are just scaled up/down versions of the paperback book covers I made recently. Same exact technique. The iPod covers are fully lined and all the raw edges are either turned in or finished. I could still tweak this one just a tad but don't know if I will as they're fine as is.


Bunny said...

I am going to agree that sometimes it is better to get a few little things done. It keeps the fustration levels down to see the finished items. I am biased though, since I have about five or more big projects going. (A couple are ten years old.)

Angela :o) said...

ohhhhh pluheeese give us an online tutorial! These are just fantastic.

And even though I'm the last person in America to own an ipod...I still have a ton of ideas for the little case.

You're so awesome.
Love, Ang