Monday, September 24, 2007

New bag and pouch

What woman can have enough bags? I fell in love with this lilac pattern and bought it with no specific project in mind, but thought it would eventually work it's way into a quilt, which it just might. After reading the purse message boards on Craftster, I decided to sit down this afternoon and make myself a new tote. It kindof reminds me of a bucket bag since it's pretty tall. It has a layer of quilt batting sandwiched between the front and lining fabrics to make it nice and squooshy. I had cut enough to make a matching zippered pouch but got so involved in working around the zipper that I forgot to quilt it. I also had enough of the black/white and red fabrics to make a cosmetics pouch to match my other pieces. I'd say it was a rather productive day.

1 comment:

Mary Sarah said...

I love them all! Great Job. Great fabric!