Saturday, April 10, 2010

More homemade glimmer spray...even easier!

Making more glimmer spray has just gotten easier! Can you believe it is cheaper to buy these little travel sized hairsprays than an empty spray bottle? I picked both of these up at WalMart. In case you can't see what they are very clearly, on the left is a 2 oz. bottle of Dove extra hold hairspray and on the right is a bottle of Plaid Folk Art Metallic Christmas Green acrylic paint. All I did this time is pour out about 1/3 of the hairspray and add enough paint to cover about 1/4 inch of the bottom of the spray bottle. This cardstock started out beige and the spray gave it a nice light even coat of green. I, again, dried it with my blow dryer on low. The rose was made with scrap beige cardstock and I used the same brown glimmer spray I made earlier, which was a blend of alcohol and Ceramcoat Spice Brown with some pearlized medium.

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Michelle F. said...

hi, great idea! My only concern is would it be scrapbook safe ? It would certainly work for cards etc.I think I will give it a try. Love Glimmmer mist .