Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Knitting Meet up

Tonight is my knitting meet up. I sure hope that more than 3 people show up. I didn't make last month's meeting as Mom was in town but the month before, which was the first meeting, there were only three of us there. Mind you, I had a great time. How can one not? Knitting, eating, knitting and eating with other people who are doing the same thing? I just wish we could do this more than once a month! I do enjoy my solitary knitting and feel I can get more done, make mistakes in private, while trying not to get chocolate on my projects. I get off work at 4:30pm (about 7 minutes) and the meeting doesn't start until 7:00pm. I have to drive all the way home just to come back near where I work. But that's okay...I'll be knitting later!

My boss was lamenting the fact that her drive home is getting increasingly longer due to road work. I told her that it's too bad she can't drive and knit. Not that she knits, but she could take it up. I told her that I knit at lights and if traffic is at a standstill. It makes my commute pleasurable. I even get miffed if I actually make it through a light without having to stop first...I didn't have an opportunity to knit at that light! Getting a tad harder to do this on my drive home as it is pretty dark when I leave.

Last night I started a toe-up sock using the magic loop method to bring to the knitting meet up. Last time I was with the gals I told them about the technique and neither of them had tried it. I wanted to show them. My toe didn't quite turn out as I wanted. Couldn't get the figure 8 to work like it did the last time I used it. I had to brush up on my short rowed heel technique as well. I tell you, after a couple of months of quick knit projects on size 17-35 needles, it feels as though I'm knitting with pins using these size 2's!

Well, time to go home!

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