Saturday, November 06, 2004

LB Homespun poncho crocheted on a P hook. This was my first attempt at poncho creation. I was trying to emulate the knitted Very Harlot Poncho. You can find the Very Harlot Poncho pattern at:
Unfortunately, my poncho was crocheted "on the fly" and I don't have a pattern written down. What I did was crochet a chain large enough to fit over my head and joined it to form a circle. I then decided where the center front and center back would be. I made this poncho entirely in hdc. At the front center points I made 2hdc ch2 2hdc and then hdc to the center back and again made 2hdc ch2 2hdc. I worked the poncho in rounds until it was the length that I wanted. I liked the length over my arms but thought that the center points were too long. I think the next one that I do, I'll do plain rounds in between the increase rounds. Oh well...onward ho!
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