Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ticked off and have to vent!

Just heard from a friend, J, that the kid who assaulted our kids (J's two boys and my eldest son) has now enlisted the help of another kid to threaten them as they were walking home from school today. This kid, G, threw a brick at our kids a few weeks ago as they were walking home from school, hitting one of them. The school district then had this kid sent to another school for what we thought was the rest of the school year. Today he and another boy (much larger than my son, who at 5'7, 225 lbs at 12 years old is BIG!) were waiting for our kids after school and threatened the kids as they walked home. This has to stop. This kid's parents, from what I've been told, are just as bad as he is and don't think there is anything wrong with his behavior. They're raising a little sociopath! I've got to speak to the school police tomorrow, after I find out this little creep's last name (as I'm too mad to remember it right now).

Now to change the subject and calm down a little...

I have Bunco tomorrow night. Am I prepared? Ha! Me? Prepared? I haven't bought my secret sister's gift yet. Perhaps I'll swing by the store on the way home and grab something quick. I'll probably have to go tomorrow after work as I've got too many things to do tonight. Even worse! Well, it's not like I haven't done it before.

BTW, I haven't found my camera yet. I tore the house up, my car up, my desk at work up...still nothing.

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