Friday, January 05, 2007

Update on felted soap sack

Remember I crocheted a sack for a bar of soap out of Paton's Soy Wool? No? It was a couple of posts ago, here. Anyway, it worked! The sack is now felted around the soap and is shrinking every time I use it. I'd rather not post a picture because to me, that would be a little gross. Trust me, it is felted. It actually feels good. I can feel it exfoliating but it isn't rough like a loofa. I especially like it on my feet, although I could use a pedicure because they're so rough that they're snagging the wool. Was that TMI? Anyway, I think that these would be cool gifts and would really work well on rectangular bars of soap because you could just make a tube and close it at the end instead of having to work increases and decreases to fit an oval bar. However, as my current sack is being used, it's shape is conforming to the shape of the soap. I was just thinking of the initial presentation and how it would look better if it fit snugly to begin with.

I know, I ramble.

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