Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I'm working on today

I'm trying very hard to turn UFOs into FOs. I have turned the heel on one of the Koigu toe up short row heel socks and hope to have that one done before knit nite with the gang on Thursday. I really want to start this beautiful scarf, Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf, but I can't decide which yarn in my stash to use. I have some red yarn that I can use to make this into my Valentine's Day scarf. I wanted to make this scarf but that would mean buying yarn and that is not on my diet right now. I also have some pea green yarn that would be appropriate as this is a column of "leaves" scarf. Might I mention that I don't look particularly good in pea green? I just love looking at that color. Gee, thanks Sidra! Sidra is a friend of mine who absolutely loves this shade of green and looks good in it. She calls it "Sidra Green". Now I really like it too.

I also finished a washcloth that I found in one of my many knitting bags. I just wanted some quick mindless knitting while watching TV. I was actually too lazy to get up and go to my purse where I keep the Koigu sock as my car/waiting on kids knitting. I'd better remember to put it in there since we have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning and I really hate to be without something to knit.

Sorry that I don't have any pictures to post. Bernie needed the batteries I use for my camera for the remote control for the Wii! He was in the midst of Zelda and couldn't stop. Sheesh! I will get them back!

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